The Secret Place

Seeing that this is my first post (ahh!), I thought it would only be appropriate to start off this blogging experience by discussing a topic near and dear to my heart.

Recently I have been listening to to Phil Wickham’s song, “The Secret Place” (if you’d like to check it out, here’s the link: Whilst listening to this song for the umpteenth time, I am again struck with its message. This world is crazy and loud. A million voices are constantly telling us what we should do, what decisions to make, what career to pursue. Sometimes I hide in my room, trying to shut out the noise of screaming kids and just wanting to be able to breathe for five minutes without interruption. Other mornings, I go off on an hour-long drive that gives me an amazing chance to clear my mind and reconnect with Jesus after a long week at work.

It was on probably my first drive that I think I found my own “secret place.” I knew before I went out that there was a rest stop about 15-20 minutes away that overlooked the Columbia River. I got up relatively early (6ish) and made it to the stop probably about 5-10 minutes after the sun had risen. The drops of dew shimmered in the early morning sunlight, the sun’s rays just starting to bring warmth and comfort to the earth. (The picture above was taken that morning).

It was there, as I got out and started taking pictures, that I was hit with such a feeling of contentment, happiness, and peace. It is a feeling rarely found and, when found, is usually fleeting. That morning was no different. The feeling lasted about five minutes; but it was enough for me to hold on and keep as a lasting memory of Christ and His goodness.

That place was so amazing that I know I will be visiting it again. It is a beautiful drive, just long enough that I can crank up the music and talk to God about anything and everything. I would encourage everyone to find their own “secret place” to hang out with Christ. My favorite happens to be my car (and that rest stop). It is the place I run to when my “wells run dry.”

I do, however, have multiple secret places. They usually pop up in the strangest ways. In the comforting word of a friend. In my backyard. In the garage. At a rest stop. In the car. I usually don’t have to go far to find it. And when I do, Jesus is always ready and waiting to spend some time with me. His comfort and peace is free and overflowing. He gives it so abundantly, so freely, so lovingly.

Thank You, Jesus, for being there in the Secret Place.

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